Stephen Paints a Picture

The exhibition opened Feb 27. It had an unusually fast turnaround from the original conception. The show had a “hook” in that it’s origin lay in the combined project of Virgil Hammock‘s and mine which centred on a 20 part text of the conversation between us while working on a Virgil’s portrait, and which was available as an ebook. As a result the exhibition contained working drawings and finished and unfinished paintings of the portrait, an exhibition of painting equipment and artifacts as well as the original note and sketchbook, and a good sized collection of recent figurative works. Further plans which will keep this alive as an ongoing project is the fact that the final picture will be completed in situ. We came to feel that this was a fairly original concept for a museum show in that it was not a static exhibition of pictures, focussed on the act of painting (art for arts sake) and would be of interest to a wider audience.

Speech central

A view of the installation

Virgil and Meridith

James Wilson. Guildsman?


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