The Reflective Gaze- Forrestall and Scott- the Saint John Arts Centre

IMG_3110   IMG_3113

The opening of the exhibition was a lot of fun and even better the show looked great. It was a nice experience to be able to select work for a show in a judicious and deliberate manner. Saint John has atmosphere and has a vibrant artistic community. Also I was born and have a history there so it was good to be able to revisit with an exhibition.

IMG_3103   IMG_3114IMG_2843

Kelly, who provided great administrative support.

IMG_3095   IMG_3127


Andrew Kierstead, Director. He has breathed real vitality into programming at the centre. Visit the website or better yet visit. It hosts graphic design workshops, portfolio development for young artists, a printshop, and ongoing shows and events.

The show will close out the exhibition schedule for the year at the Arts Center, so will be up until the end of December. Would be great if you could see it. If you like, go to my website contact page and sign up to be notified of events or news items pertaining to my endeavours as they emerge.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 7.57.15 AM

Go to this link for a discussion on the show arrangement

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