wip studio

work in progress

I’m taking advantage of a studio I set up in an old garden shed. Plexiglass roofing installed on one side suggested it’s use as something more than a tool shed and storage, which was how it had been employed.

Light has been an issue in every space I have used to work in; either too little, or wrong direction. If the ceiling is too low it is almost impossible to eliminate glare. The windows are invariably too small, and provide only a horizontal source. If the windows are on a southern exposure the temperature variability changes throughout the day; direct sunlight causes the light to range from cold in the morning to hot in the afternoon. I’ve had to supplement natural light sources with artificial lighting in all cases, which leads to technological considerations. Lately, of course, LED lighting has provided a huge boon to the artist in being able to approximate the daylight spectrum, and at a fraction of the cost.

North light, then and a skylight source- these are the romantic and ideal standards. The old garden shed has provided me with something of an approximation of that. Although not perfect, and in fact in a couple of years I will deconstruct and rebuild, still it does provide me with a lightness of feeling, and is perfect for working on the demanding colour considerations in figurative work.

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